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The Latest Lingerie Trends To Add To Your Wardrobe

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Lingerie has played a key role in recent runways from Fendi’s lace triangle bralettes to Gucci’s sultry lace sets and bustier slips, Vogue reports. Although lingerie may usually be considered just an afterthought when putting an outfit together, it can actually help build the foundation of your look. By embracing the latest lingerie trends, you can update your wardrobe and enjoy the confidence of knowing what’s underneath is as equally as stylish as what’s on top.

Neon colors

Instead of sticking to classic shades like black, white, and nude, bold and playful neon colors are a fun new lingerie trend. Neon shades like lime green, orange, and sunshine yellow obviously aren’t a typical choice for lingerie, but this unexpected twist can be a fun way to add color to an outfit. For example, a neon bralette can add a subtle touch of alluring color under a plain white cotton t-shirt, or you can be even bolder and wear a bright bra under a sheer top. No matter how you choose to wear it, neon lingerie is a great way to embrace the unexpected and experiment with your whole wardrobe.

Comfort is key

Although lingerie has long prioritized sexiness over comfort, people are now valuing soft, buttery fabrics that move with your body, instead of restricting it. Essentially, lingerie still has to look good, but, more importantly, it has to be comfortable, too. Shapewear bras, in particular, are a popular underwear trend that prioritizes comfort, while still providing adequate support. The use of body-hugging fabric and a no-cut design can put an end to any painful digging and make the bra feel just like a second skin. Since shapewear bras are also designed to enhance the natural shape of your body, they’re just as flattering as they are a comfortable choice for everyday wear. Similarly, underwear made with breathable, natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, is also a popular choice, particularly for people with sensitive skin. Natural fabrics help avoid unwanted rashes and irritation that may typically happen with synthetic materials.

Retro pieces

Retro lingerie takes its inspiration from decades past, yet it remains timeless, easy to wear, and flattering for all body types. A bustier, for example, is an ultra-feminine figure-hugging piece that gently shapes the waist while pushing up the bust. By opting for a bustier in an unexpected color, such as, a sultry nude, you can update this classic garment with a modern twist. Alternatively, babydolls are also an increasingly popular nightwear choice. This piece is typically form fitting around the bust before floating away from the body. Babydolls are a playful nightwear option that can also be comfortable enough to wear for a restful night’s sleep.

Wearing the right lingerie can boost your confidence and make you feel that bit more put-together. Neon colors, comfortable underwear, and retro pieces are just some of the latest stylish lingerie trends to add to your wardrobe.

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